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 Who are we?

Shama is a Christian retreat center owned and managed by the Trust Shama. The Trust is an interdenominational trust established with the aim to establish the center and management.


The AIM of the center is to provide a place and space for children of God who need:

  • to be quiet to get clarity about God 's will for their lives ;

  • To get rest and recover after burnout or a difficult time in the ministry.

  • Spiritual guidance around certain issues pertaining to their spiritual journey.

  • To join one of the retreats regularly offered at the center.

 Religious belief

The trust is based on a Christian worldview that believes and accepts following:

  • We believe that the testimony of the Bible to show us the way to a life unto God, which also leads to a meaningful and significant life.
  • We believe that man was created as the representative of God, which is placed on the ground with the aim of making God's name great service to be in God's kingdom and in obedience to God, his will to live.
  • We believe that man was created with the aim to live in communion with God and to live out the fullness and abundance of God's goodness and love as Source from day to day.
  • We believe that people then succumbed to the temptation to deviate from the target and chose rather to make their own name great, to build their own kingdom and their own will.
  • We believe that this disorder led to the fact that the man lost contact with God and therefore separated from God, source of all goodness, love, wisdom and insight.
  • We believe that this departure from God's intention leads to an unhealthy comparison and competition between people, which leads to jealousy, envy, rivalry, quarrels, conflict, anger, corruption, hate, hurt, pain, etc..
  • We believe that the Bible was written for the purpose for us now to show the way back to fellowship with God, we can learn again to live from God Source so that we lives of meaning can live.
  • We believe that people's lives just meaning to get when they turn back to God and began to make his name great, to do under his rule and guidance in his kingdom service and if they live in obedience to his will.


The guidance we give, we would like for people escorted to discover where and how they turned this purpose and how they can again find the way back to God's original purpose for their lives.


Any people, regardless of faith, are welcome to visit us. It is important that visitors will understand that we operate from above belief framework



     People who visit Shama, the following can be expected:


  • Enough time, space and quiet to really unwind.
  • Enough time and quiet to rest, to sleep, to walk, to read or need also may be.
  • Enough time, space and quiet in nature to listen to God's heart for them.
  • Spiritual accompaniment by the retreat leader (Deon Loots), a clergy and a spiritual guide.
  • Good, healthy food. (We provide two meals a day, brunch and dinner), as well as coffee, tea and biscuits for in between snacks.



The days at Shama will more or less look like:

  • It always begins with a discussion with the retreat leader to co-decide which route will be taken.
  • Every day is spent in silence with ample time for reflection, reading, walking, exercise, etc., Depending on the person's needs.
  • Brunch taken to 10:00 in silence.
  • Sometime during the day time is set aside for a discussion with the retreat leader.
  • Dinner is at 18:00 (winter) and 18:30 (summer). The silence is broken from 18:00 until after the evening's collective silent about the Word.
  • After dinner is sometimes given inputs about the journey of discipleship and following of Christ.
  • Then we stop with the Word and music (lectio divina).
  • The silence began again and is maintained until the next night at 18:00.



  • Bible, journal, pen
  • Comfortable clothes and walking shoes. 
  • A towel.
  • We supply linen, duvet, pillows. In winter time, you can bring an extra blanket. 
  • Waterbottle (for walking)
  • Small backpack/book bag to take your things on walks
  • Sunblock in case of hot weather, sunhat and mosquito repellent
  • Earplugs – you may have a snorer in the next room (drywalls between rooms)
  • Socks/slippers for the hall especially in winter (shoes are taken off at entrance)



 At retreats offered by the course of the year, is the program above. Depending on the content and purpose of the retreat, the program is then adjusted. But people here are for a personal retreat, can continue with their program. They do not fit in with the program from those who attend organized retreat.